Gabriel Afram

Professional Summary

A positive, proactive, innovative and result–driven Information Technology professional and a professional teacher with a portfolio of practical and pedagogical skills in IT, I have a successful background in teaching ranging from the basic schools to the Tertiary Level coupled with a rich portfolio of practical and theoretical IT skills and knowledge. I enjoy being part of, as well as managing, motivating and training a successful and proactive team and thrive in a highly challenging working environment.


  • PhD Candidate in computer Science, UENR, Sunyani, Ghana

  • MSc in Information Technology, SMU, Gngtok, India

  • B.Ed in Information Technology, Univ. of Edu., Winneba, Ghana

  • Teachers' Cert "A"., University of Cape Coast, Ghana

Area of research Interest: K-12 CS Education, CS Curriculum Design, Artificial Intelligence, NLP( Machine Translation )


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  1. Lesson 1: The Internet

  2. Lesson 2: Email

  3. Lesson 3: Cyber Threat

  4. Lesson 4: Cyber Crime Part 1

  5. Lesson 5: Cyber Crime Part 2

  6. Lesson 6: Chat Rooms & Instant Messaging

  7. Lesson 7: Netiquette

  8. Lesson 8: Cyber-bullying

  9. Lesson 9: Online Data

  10. Lesson 10: Website Dangers

  11. Lesson 11: Search Engines and Research Tips

  12. Lesson 12: Copyright and Plagiarism

  13. Lesson 13: Cell Phones

  14. Lesson 14: Online Reputation