Physical 3D Scratch Blocks

Physical 3D Scratch Blocks for Creative Coding

Three-dimensional Physical blocks inspired by the Scratch programming language, designed to be manipulated and used in coding activities without the need for computers or internet connectivity.

The Physical 3D Scratch blocks are designed to mimic the functionality of Scratch’s 2-D blocks, allowing users to engage in creative coding activities without the need for computers or internet connectivity.

Our Story ...

In 2022, we had the golden opportunity to participate in the 2022-2024 Cohort of the Scratch Education Collaborative (SEC). As part of our contribution to the development of equitable Creative Coding Resources, we developed the Physical 3D Scratch Blocks. Each set of LEGO-like physical 3D Scratch blocks which are meant for unplugged creative coding activities and will consist of about 60 unique Scratch blocks and about 300 blocks all made from ABS board. 

The big idea ...

The big question that resulted in this novel idea was how we could develop resources that would help kids in Ghana and underserved communities around the world to engage in creative coding.  

In Ghana, the major obstacles to creative coding are a lack of computing devices and internet connectivity. We therefore decided to create the Physical 3D Scratch blocks that would not require computing devices, electricity or the internet to function and could be used in unplugged activities.  

To achieve this, we decided to convert the 2D scratch blocks in Scratch into physical 3D Lego-like Blocks that kids can manipulate to mimic the idea of coding on a real computer.  

Description of the Physical 3-D Scratch Blocks 

We created the Physical 3-D Scratch blocks using local materials and a semi-automated process because we lacked the technology like 3-D printing to print the blocks. Our Physical 3D scratch blocks kit also comes with ...

A teacher and his pupil during one of our pilots
A group picture after the first pilot


Download the Printable Scratch Blocks below. The 2D images can be cut with a CNC Router using ABS board or other material to get the 3D blocks. You can also edit the .pdf files with any photo editing software as you may require. 

We are working on the blueprints for 3D printing and laser cutting. 

We are developing a whole brand-new website for our Physical 3D Scratch blocks which will give you more information on the project. Visit the Physical 3D Scratch Blocks website 

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