The Guidance and Counselling Coordinator and her team, The chaplain and the Chaplaincy Board, Senior Staff and Management Members present, HODs and House Staff, Distinguished Staff members, The Big Six and the SRC members, fresh students and future seniors.

It is with joy and great Ecstasy that I stand before you this morning to welcome you and more importantly to officially open the 3-Day orientation program designed to usher you into SUSEC Community and your new environment.

We are grateful to the almighty God for a day like this and our lives. We should all be grateful to God for being part of this memorable occasion.

Today should go down into history as you begin a very important journey in your lives.

Sunyani Senior High School is one of the greatest Senior High Schools in Ghana and our part of the country. Until recently if you ever heard of B/A University, it was this our noble institution that was being referred to as such. It has maintained its envy till date.

My dear students, let me remind you that, all nations, institutions, individuals and corporate bodies of high repute have been able to maintain their status quo due to strict observance of DISCIPLINE.

In all human endeavour, one needs to be disciplined before one can make it in life. All professionals need to be disciplined.

Footballers need to be discipline else they attract Yellow and Red Cards.

Sunyani Senior High has trained a number of professionals, therefore as you have gained admission here, make sure you achieve your aim – simply aim at a profession and work towards achieving that FEAT. E.g.

  • Do you want to be a lawyer.

  • Do you want to be a Medical Doctor

  • Do you want to become an Engineer

  • Do you want to become an Academician

  • Do you want to become a Businessman/Woman

  • Do you want to become a Banker

  • Do you want to become a Man/Woman of God

  • Do you want to become a Sports Personality

  • Do you want to become a Traditional Ruler, of course you need to belong to a Royal Family.

As for the Academicians, I will not leave this hall and cite examples outside.

Asst. Academic, Snr. House Master, House Masters and Mistresses, Tutors.

Serving Headmasters/Mistresses as well as retired ones. You only have to conduct yourselves well.

You are beginning a 3-year life journey so we cannot equip you with all the tools you need to operate with today for the 3 years. We are supporting you to stand on your feet so that you take the needed steps. You might have heard of the saying “ you can force the Horse to the river side but you can’t force it to drink water”. It perfectly applies to your life here. Lets assume that your parents forced you to be here but you need apply yourself to study else all our efforts would be in vain.

I would urge the Assistant Academic to give you details of the results of the results of the immediate past form 3s so as to encourage you to start learning from the blast of the whistle. “It is the early bird that catches the worm”. Your No. 1 companion should be your books and visit the library regularly. Let your friends call you bookworm and pass well, that would be better than to be calling you playboy or playgirl and fail miserably.

I know this programme is designed in such a way that, by the end of the 3rd day, you would have been taken through The DOS And DONT’S of the School to make your stay safe and sound till God sees you through your 3 year journey.

Let the School pass through you, but Don’t just pass through the School. Anything that I have said that you didn’t understand or was not clear to you, you have the opportunity to ask for further explanation.

You have a very good and accommodating staff who are prepared to motivate and encourage you to learn to be responsible future leaders. You only have to know the limit to which you can tread. Before I take my seat, let me cautiously remind you that COVID-19 is real so religiously adhere to ALL the safety protocols and stay safe.

May the good Lord grant you the joy and peace we all need to sail through this journey.

God bless us All.