Sunyani Senior High School STEM Club receives the Excellence in STEM Innovation Award in the 2022 World Smarts STEM Competition Sponsored by the NSF and Implemented by IREX.

Sunyani Senior High School was among the 5 school in Ghana to be awarded various prizes during the 2022 WSSC. SUSEC was awarded the Excellence in STEM Innovation Award.

The 8-week intensive program saw 10 schools pairing with 10 other schools from the USA to identify a problem based on the STDs 11 and 13 and find an Innovative STEM solution to this problem. The schools collaborated with their binational teams from the Washington DC area to using virtual technology tools.

Sunyani Senior High School and Brookland Middle School developed a Waste processing System to convert human Excreta to methane, Manure and liquid fertilizer.

Image courtesy of IREX

Sunyani Senior High School has been selected to participate in the 2022 World Smarts STEM Challenge(WSSC). 07-02-2022

Sunyani Senior High School has been selected to participate in the 2022 World Smarts STEM Challenge. The WSSC is sponsored by the NSF and implemented by IREX. SUSEC is one of the few schools in Ghana and the US which were selected to flex their muscles in this year's WSSC.

The World Smarts STEM Challenge is a virtual exchange initiative that supports STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education in the U.S. and Ghana. During the program, students from DC Public Schools and schools across Ghana will team up to solve global issues in their communities with STEM solutions.

The World Smarts STEM Challenge is sponsored by the National Science Foundation and administered by IREX in partnership with DC Public Schools and the Ghana Education Service. The program aims to promote STEM education and cross-cultural connections between young people in the United States and Ghana.

Gabriel Kwadwo Afram, an ICT teacher and a STEM enthusiast who is also a Computer Scientist was selected through a competitive process to lead the SUSEC team as their mentor, he will be working with his counterpart in the US to help implement the program in their various schools. STEM lovers in SUSEC should contact Mr. Afram for opportunity to join the team.

Mr. Gordon Osei Marfo Appointed the New Headmaster for Sunyani Senior High School. 07-02-2022

Mr. Gordon Osei Marfo who is the immediate past Headmaster of Twene Amanfo Secondary Technical School(TASTECH) at the heart of Sunyani has been appointed as the substantive Headmaster of Sunyani Senior High School(SUSEC).

Mr. Marfo comes with a plethora of experience in the management of SHS. He was also the former headmaster of Derma Community Day S.H.S and Former Assistant Headmaster at Twene Amanfo Senior High School.

Mr. Marfo Studied at University of Cape Coast, Went to Twene Amanfo Secondary School. He also went to Prempeh College.

Mr. Marfo obtained M.Ed Administration in the year 2010 at University of Cape Coast.

Mr. Marfo hails From Nsuta, Ashanti, Ghana

He is married.

In his maiden meeting with the staff, he made it clear that he is a unifiers and would do all it take to build the spirit of team work for the betterment of mother SUSEC.



Miss Martha
Miss Martha Appiah-Kubi, a Student

Ransomware is a type of malware when it gets into your computer or network it will encrypt all your data and then it will display a message on your computer screen that data has been encrypted until the victim pays something, normally they ask the victim to pay money in the form of bitcoin.

The criminal will not release the data.

It can affect individuals or organizations, it doesn’t just occur by one person, normally there is a syndicate of criminals.

So there is a group of criminals known as developers, they are very good software gurus, software engineering guys, so they come together to develop the ransomware exploit, the exploit is the actual malware they use to launch the attack.

So they will develop it and normally advertise it. They give it to sales people, public relations people on the dark web. The advertisement and others don’t show on the real internet world.

There is another internet world we don’t see but it is there. You have to use specialized tools to get there. So once the exploit is developed by the ransomware developer, another group known as the affiliates will go and buy. Some of them will not have money, so they won’t buy but they will rather subscribe. After the subscription or after the affiliate has bought it, the affiliates will then package it in the form of a fake link, fake image, whatever and then they will deploy it in real life. It can be deployed on let’s say WhatsApp.

Most times, it is deployed as a fake link, in a fake e-mail, so the e-mail will be presented as if it is coming from your Bank, relative, whatever. There are some people everything they see they will click on it, and so they will click on it. If the attacker or the affiliate targets organizations like the bank then, the entire computer system of the bank gets frozen and they will display the message on computers until somebody pays the ransom the data will not be released.

This is how the ransomware as a service model or a business looks like. It can make anyone rich overnight, because everyday, every night, an attack is going on and we get victims who get money to pay, and the victims are basically the financial institutions, health care institutions and utility institutions. .

To get an understanding, the drama troupe is coming to demonstrate it, so that we get a detail understanding of how this type of attack occurs.

Thank you.

The Program in pictures. These Pictures were captured by the kind curtesy of AJK Photography. You can reach him on +233 24 3059033. AJK Photography


The SUSEC CBERGHANA Cyberclub was launched in the last week of August 2021, the launch and symposium took place at the School's Auditorium.

The Students presented four projects they created. These projects were;

  • Chatbot - dubbed free SHSbot build with the IBM Watson

  • SIMS Solution

  • Bulk SMS System

  • IDS

The students had been working on the projects for some months.

The Elective ICT Students also presented their final projects on the same day. Their projects were:

  • Group 1 - Internet Enabled Used Clothes Donation System dubbed cloths4All

  • Group 2 - Internet Enabled Rent Management System dubbed RentApp


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Call for peaceful elections by SUSECANS


His Excellency congratulating one of the Visual Arts Students who painted his portraint during a working visit to SUSEC

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